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Yomiuri Shimbun Online

Yomiuri Shimbun Online is the Japanese news site of The Yomiuri Shimbun. It began operation in June 1995 as the first news site created by a Japanese newspaper. The site carries news and other contents around the clock with a diverse range of news-including politics, economics, international, social and sports.

Since 2014, the site has had a features section titled Digital Story that publishes content on web pages that are designed to let users read as they scroll. In 2016, we made six photo stories on the Kumamoto Earthquake, which occurred in April, with pictures that show how seriously the massive quake damaged the land and hurt people. In June 2016, we carried a special article to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' visit to Japan in 1966, in which we graphed the relation between the number of concerts the popular group had made and its recording hours and colored their photos using today's up-to-date technology. We also made a photo story on Japanese athletes who showed remarkable achievement in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

For news in English about Japan, please see the website run by our English-language daily The Japan News.

Yomiuri Shimbun Online
Digital Story

Database Services

These fee-based services allow Internet searches and viewing of the massive number of Yomiuri Shimbun articles. These services are ideal for research and business use. The fees are posted on the websites.

The Yomidas Rekishikan stores over 13 million articles accumulated since the paper's first issue in 1874. Old newspaper pages from over 100 years ago can be searched with modern words, and original page images can be viewed. Modern articles published since 1986 are accessible as easy-to-read textual data. In autumn of 2014, page images of the regional editions published since 1933 were added (Editions from 46 prefectures with the exception of Okinawa Prefecture). The database contains articles published in the English-language daily The Japan News since 1989, and a modern Who's Who of Japan, consisting of entries on about 26,000 people active in a variety of fields. The database was highly valued on an international level, and in 2010 it received a special award in online media in the 1st Asian Digital Media Awards given by WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers.

The Yomidas Rekishikan

The Yomidas Bunshokan is a service that narrows down searches and browsing to the over six million articles published since September 1986. Users can search English-language papers and the Who's Who. School Yomidas offers the Yomidas Bunshokan service at a special price for use as a learning resource in schools.


Medical and Health Website yomiDr.

yomiDr. is a Japanese-language website where The Yomiuri Shimbun, a force in medical reporting, post medical, nursing and health information. In addition to the medical articles from The Yomiuri Shimbun, the site also features a blog titled "Sex and Partnership" written by The Yomiuri Shimbun's medical reporter who also serves as the site's editor-in-chief. The site offers an extensive selection of original content that cannot be read in the regular newspaper.

Readers can read articles about diseases and their symptoms from an organized database of Yomiuri Shimbun articles and can compare and search the treatment performance of Japan's leading hospitals that were investigated by the paper. Readers can then go on to explore the many immediately useful sections that have been made available.

Registered readers can access all content. A subscription is ¥200 yen per month (excluding tax).

Mobile Service

A paid service in Japanese is offered for smartphones and mobile phones.

News Yomiuri-Hochi (¥80 per month, plus tax) provides breaking news from The Yomiuri Shimbun as well as sports reports and entertainment news reported by The Sports Hochi, published by The Hochi Shinbun, a member of the Yomiuri Shimbun Group.

Mobile GIANTS is the official mobile website of the Yomiuri Giants, the Yomiuri Group's professional baseball team. The site reports on how the players look before a game, and then sends out quick reports of ball counts and the direction of hits during games. The cost of the mobilephone version is ¥200 per month (excluding tax). Two plans are available for smartphones, one at ¥200 per month and another at ¥300 (excluding tax).


Article Delivery

This service quickly delivers articles considered important by The Yomiuri Shimbun's veteran reporters. The articles are also distributed to Japanese portal sites such as Yahoo Japan and to news apps. News is also delivered to LCD monitors on aircraft, the lightning news on trains such as the Tokaido Shinkansen and to news programs at TV stations and radio stations. In this way it reaches news outlets other than paper media and websites.