The Japan News

An English daily newspaper conveying "Japan now" : The Japan News

An English daily newspaper conveying "Japan now" : The Japan News


The Japan News is a daily English-language newspaper published by The Yomiuri Shimbun. In April 2013, the new name replaced The Daily Yomiuri, and the paper celebrated its 60th anniversary in April 2015. The paper's fundamental editorial goals are to communicate "Japan, now" in an easy-to-understand way, advance the world's understanding of Japan, quickly inform readers about news in Japan and the world.

Readers can understand Japan's political, economic and social trends, both broadly and in-depth, from the English translations of Yomiuri Shimbun articles. In addition to articles from The Yomiuri Shimbun and overseas news agency, there are feature articles from allied foreign papers such as The Washington Post, all of which adds up to make The Japan News a rich source of information.

The paper also carries feature articles that convey attractive aspects of Japan, such as traditional culture, starting with kabuki and sumo, and pop culture, such as anime, as well as daily articles on food, tourism and more. While interesting to foreign readers, the features are also useful for Japanese readers, who can broaden their expressive abilities in English in the fields of business and international exchange. The paper has many pages geared to Japanese readers who are learning English.

As of July 2016, the circulation is 24,147 (Japan Audit Bureau of Circulations report).

Page Guide

Point ①News

On the "Economy & Business" and "International" pages, we deliver many articles from international news agencies such as Reuters and AP. In the "Behind the Scenes" column, insightful and well-informed analysis by Yomiuri Shimbun reporters is published, helping readers learn the details behind the scenes of news stories. Allied overseas papers include The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times in the United States, The Times in the United Kingdom, and a coalition of major papers, the Asia News Network, in Asia. You can read articles written from diverse perspectives simply by subscribing to The Japan News.

Point ②Food and Tourism

On Tuesday's "Delicious" page, we introduce popular Japanese restaurants and experts in Japanese cuisine. Perfect homemade sauce for grilled fish, tasty cold cooked food for summer, meals for one, and innovative dishes that can be prepared with minimal effort are just a few examples. Some articles feature interviews with producers of vegetables, fruits, seafood and so forth. Monday's "Detours in Japan" page features descriptions of must-see places such as tourist destinations in various regions of Japan and attractions that have recently been in the news. There are also columns by specialist reporters who cover kabuki and sumo.

Point ③Life, Culture and Sports

Thursday's "Arts & Lifestyle" page covers new trends in Japanese fashion, traditional crafts that have modern designs, and the latest news on Japanese arts and life. The Troubleshooter corner is an English translation of The Yomiuri Shimbun's reader advice column. You get an intimate look inside Japanese family and social life by reading it. Wednesday's "Nippon Sports" page delves into the successes and aspirations of Japanese athletes, while Saturday's multifaceted "Pop☆Cool" page fills readers in on the latest in pop culture and entertainment, including anime and manga. On Saturday, the English version of The Yomiuri Shimbun's Sunday comic strip "Neko Pitcher" appears. The cute hero of this comic strip, Miitaro, is the first cat to have a career as a professional baseball pitcher.


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